Thousands of faulty rice cookers recalled by 3 Squares

California-based company 3 Squares is recalling approximately 175,000 rice cookers and slow cookers after receiving complaints that they could malfunction and cause injuries to intended users, an October 18 article of cpsc.gov reported.

According to reports, the Tim3, Machin3, and their smaller versions Mini Tim3 and Machin3 cookers may catch fire or cause electrical shock to consumers. The recalling company and the federal product safety agency have received reports of three incidents of malfunctioning cookers including one person who sustained electrical shock injury. Recall documents explained that the problem may occur due to the erroneous wiring installation in the cookers. Owners of the potentially defective rice cookers or slow cookers are advised to get in touch with 3 Squares for a hassle-free product replacement.

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Last Updated : December 10, 2021

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